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LYNX  Archiving/Consolidate Values

Download LYNX Consolidation_Archiving.pdf

The multiple consolidation offers a precious help to the operator to validate a set of tables when a specific problem occurs.

When losing communication with one or several RTU, all related tables contain invalid values (of type « RTU »).

The option that is shown here will allow the operator to consolidate all related tables in a single operation. To do this, the operator has a list of all tables to be consolidated with a view of the cause and the type of invalidity in the curve, in priority order

The operator can do the following :

  • Choose the table(s) to consolidate

  • Select the type of invalidity to consolidate : only invalidities of this type or that have a lower priority level will be valid.

  • Confirm : the selected tables that meet the criteria will be consolidated automatically.

When one or more portions of the curve to be consolidated have been selected, this option allows the operator to modify the invalid values according to several features ::

  • Join

  • Modify