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The DMS/EMS Modules :
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Lynx COLO : the dynamic colouring allows to manage topology/ voltage follow-up according to different criteria (colouring by feeder, by transformer, by voltage levels …)

Lynx TRA : the trace allows to follow the upstream or downstream propagation on the grid, according a selected segment

Lynx OM : the quality module allows the recording of every event following a tripping on the network until the complete restoration of the part affected by the event. This tool allows then to re-play the sequence of orders in order to release statistics and quality indications related to the clients affected by the outage

Lynx LF : the study module allows to realize load-flow calculation by modifying loads and/or productions as well as the short-circuit intensity calculation.

Lynx LMFR : the loss minimization module allows to split the loads on the network in order to minimize losses in accordance with the network constraints

Lynx LBFR : the load balancing module allows to split the loads on the network in order to have an optimal load balancing in accordance with the network constraints

Lynx FDIR-LF : the fault detection allows to locate a fault on the network thanks to a digital information coming from a fault detector. The isolation function allows the system to isolate the faulty section. The restoration function with simple plans allows the system to offer the operator energy restoration plans with load-flow calculation (for example : loss minimization …)

Lynx SIMU : the simulation mode allows to simulate events on the network in order to evaluate the operator’s reactions in a training and schooling environment

Lynx MAINT: the maintenance module allows to realize a planning of the maintenance operations of the equipment on the network in accordance with different parameters (date of the last maintenance and frequency of the maintenance operation …)

Lynx DELEST : the load shedding module allows to realize a weighted unloading/reloading of the loads in accordance with ranks assigned to different kinds of clients

Lynx ET : state estimator module for HV and MV networks allows to calculate a quality index of input values (topology, measures) and to calculate an estimate of the observed data