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LYNX  Report Editor


The LYNX Reporting feature is based on the JasperReports report building engine.

JasperReports is the most powerful reporting tool currently available in Open Source. Based on Java technologies, it is used by many famous companies around the world. Its Open Source development ensures that it is and will be widely supported and enhanced.

With a connection to the LYNX Web server, it is possible to select a report that has been prepared beforehand using the graphical tool (iReports); rendering will then be done directly on a Web page, in a PDF file, to a desktop application etc.

These reporting options may be used by LYNX applications or by batches to generate outputs automatically (e.g. daily reports).

In the context of the SCADA LYNX, reports are built using a very powerful graphical application : iReport

Reports can be designed on machines that are separate from the LYNX farm (a remote SQL connection allows to do most of the presentation).

Files that result from preparing report templates (XML format) are stored on the server. These files will then be available (mainly, but not only) from the Web interface. Reports that are prepared in iReport will be (re)generated on demand with the current (or archived) data, in the format that is selected by the user.