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US5Gx Communication Card

Communication Card FrontCommunication Card Front Angle

The Communication Card provides US5G (a/e/m) with communication and CPU functionalities. This is a mandatory module for US5G (a/e/m).

The COM Module manages all internal and external communications forthe US5Ge system.

It hosts a powerful Intel processor which runs all the System software, mediates all communications functions, and provides storage for both system software and  all system databases.

The front panel LED’s report whether there are any  Minor, Major, or Critical alarms present in the system. There is also a LED to indicate a COM module fault and a LED to show if Ethernet communications link is present. Front panel craft access is available through the DB-9 connector on the front of the COM Module.

If the COM Module fails or is removed for maintenance, the shelf continues to provide undisturbed timing service to client NE’s. If the same Module is re-inserted, it verifies its software and data compatibility with the IOP modules to confirm the integrity of any stored data. If a replacement module is inserted it will likewise check its data base with the IOP modules and update as necessary.

– US5G(a/e/m) System CPU

– System Communications Controller — BOTH external and internal com processes

– Provides system TL-1 Agent

– Manages all system security processes

– Manages all DB storage, access, & synchronization with IOPbackup

– Communication interface and CPU of US5G (a/e/m)