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US5Gx Expansion Shelf

US5Gx Expansion Shelf

When a lot of outputs are needed (either TDM/SDH, NTP or PTP), an expansion shelf can be used

Up to 4 expansion shelves can be connected on protected US5Gx configurations (US5Ga, US5Gm, US5Ge US), and up to 2 expansion shelves on the not protected US5Ge (with and without feedback).

Connecting the US5Ge expansion shelf to the main shelf requires the installation of three (3) shelf interconnecting cables of 10m length.

Each expansion shelf has 16 slots for output cards, NTP or PTP cards, instead of 8 slots for the main shelf (see also US5Gx Output Cards).

– 8 additional POUT or OUT slots available for T1-CC/E1, NTP or PTP Cards

– Power supply redundancy

– Interconnected with main shelf by 3 cables of 10 meters length

– Up to 4 expansion shelves can be connected for a maximum number of 1.440 outputs (incl. main shelf).

– Frequency Distribution

– TDM/SDH Networks Synchronization

– Packet Networks Synchronization