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US5Gx Output Cards

Output Cardoutput cards in shelf

The US5Gx Output Cards that enable the synchronization of TDM/SDH networks

Various kinds of US5Gx output cards are available, depending on the number of outputs required and on the protection mode, with feedback or not.

Here is a simple summary table of the configuration possibilities for the outputs cards, types of US5Gx and modes of operation (see US5Gx TDM/SDH Block diagrams.docx for more information).

US5Gx output cards

The timing signals on these outputs cards are available on 120R ports on the US5Gx main shelf.  The type of connector depends on the US5Gx: this can be either DB25, Centronics, or WireWrap.

Patch panels are available for customers who prefer other type of connector and/or 75R impedance (see US5GxPatch Panels for more information)

– In case of 1+1 output protection: paired in adjacent slots called POUT slots

– Each output is software assignable for DS-1/CC (or E1)

– Inventory Port Assignments in Software

– Alarm visibility to the port level

– TDM/SDH Networks Synchronization