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US5Gx Patch Panels

us5ge with patch panel

Patch Panels 4U height

Patch Panel 2U height 40 Outs BNC

Patch panels with various kinds of connectors and impedances are available. These patch panels connect to the main shelf and expansion shelves of the different kinds of units of the US5G Family. The connectors can be either WireWrap, DB9, BNC, 1.6/5.6, Krone, and whatever the customer wishes, in 120R or 75R.

It happens that the customer is not satisfied with the output connectors that are natively present on the main shelf and on the expansion shelf of the units of the US5G Family (DB25, Centronics, or WireWrap). It can be for various reasons. For example, the network elements to synchronize may be dispersed, requiring a different connector for each (or for smaller groups of network elements); or the impedance of the equipement to synchronize is not 120R but 75R; or simpler, the local technicians of the customer may be used to other types of connectors and don’t want to change (for comfort or logistics reasons); also, in case of the US5Ga, it enables to have connectors on the front because DB25 connectors are placed on the rear side of this unit.

To answer all these issues, we propose patch panels to connect to the main shelf and provide the customer with the impedance and connector that are commonly used inside its network. This table below summarizes the situation for the one who wants to change the type of outputs connectors.

TABLE (connecteurs US5Gx, impedance , connecteurs patch panel impedance)

– 8 additional POUT or OUT slots available for T1-CC/E1, NTP or PTP Cards

– Power supply redundancy

– Interconnected with main shelf by 3 cables of 10 meters length

– Up to 4 expansion shelves can be connected for a maximum number of 1.440 outputs (incl. main shelf).

– Frequency Distribution