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US5Gx Power Supply Module

US5Gx Power Supply

The Power Supply Module of the US5G (a/e/m). This module is mandatory for all configurations of US5G (a/e/m).

The Power Supply Modules are the only modules that do not occupy side-by-side slots. They are located one over the other.

They may be removed for maintenance as necessary.

They are not software manageable and have no hardware switches or jumpers requiring user configuration. The modules have each a 7.5 amp fuse accessible from the front.

These modules have 2 LED indicators. The -48V indicator is greenwhen power is being normally received from the back panel power terminations—meaning thatthe shelf is receiving power. It is red when the power is absent. The output status indicators show green when the modules are properly supplying power to the shelf and red when there is a hardware module fault interrupting output from the module.

In normal operation mode these two power supply modules “load share” power to the system. In the event of an interruption of power to one of the two input terminals, the unaffected module immediately adjusts its power output to supply all power needs ofthe shelf. Likewise in the event of a power supply module hardware fault, the unaffected moduleimmediately adjusts its output to power the shelf. In both event the operation of theUS5G (a/e/m) shelf is unaffected.

Each power supply is fused. The fuse is directly accessible from the front panel of the module.

– Dual load sharing

– Each receives power from a dedicated back panel power input

– Automatic redundancy in case of module failure

– Front Panel fuses & power status LED’s

– US5G (a/e/m) power supply