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LYNX Simulation

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The simulator is used to study, in a non real time context, the effect of one or more incidents on the network. The simulator includes a tool that is used to generate even sequences (scripts), which can then be played in continuous or step-by-step mode.

In an educational context, the trainer will perform training scripts on a console, and observe the response from the student who operates, for example, on an operator station in simulation mode. In a training context, the operator can simulate events that do not occur frequently and repeat operations that are associated with their management.

The management simulator allows the facility operators to get familiar with the management system. It is available and operational for basic features (IHM, load flow, simple scenario simulation). The management simulator is also used to train management agents.

With the investment made on networks to enhance the power supply quality, a management agent has only few chances to be in a disturbed operation situation. The simulator allows to maintain the skill level of operators to ensure the network management quality.

The simulator functions are the same as the functions that are installed on the operator station (SCADA, management help, and Study mode). The system initial state is defined by loading a network fingerprint (RT situation, normal operation scheme, previously archived state, etc.).

The simulation session, and any incident, can be reviewed later using the black box recorder which can be used to replay an event sequence.

The management simulator can be used to test new or existing features of the system. It also allows to replay an incident later. Triggering scenarios allows to measure system performance and functionality, together with its behaviour, when commissioning new units.