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The FEi-group

Frequency Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1962 and is now a well-established public company in Long Island, New York, and trades on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol FEIM. It has six wholly-owned subsidiaries: FEI Communications Inc. and FEI Government Systems Inc., located in Mitchel Field, New York; Gillam-FEi a.s., located in Liege, Belgium, near Brussels; FEI-Zyfer Inc., located in Garden Grove, California; FEI-Asia Ltd., located in the free trade zone in Tianjin, China; FEi-Elcom located in Rockleigh NJ. FEI and its subsidiaries are major worldwide suppliers of Precision Time and Frequency (PT&F) products for ground, seaborne, airborne, and space terminals and platforms used by commercial and government/military systems suppliers.

Terrestrial  Wireless The telecommunications industry is rapidly expanding with new or improved technologies being developed to provide ever more services to the public. Growing digital cellular systems and PCS networks require more base stations to provide the connectivity and quality of service that cell phone users require. With increased demand for cellular services, the requirement for precise timing becomes paramount. FEI manufactures small Rubidium Vapor Atomic Oscillators as well as temperature stable quartz crystal oscillators, which are ideally suited for use in advanced cellular communications base stations. Whether the network uses 2G, 3G or 4G, timing to ensure signal synchronization, is of the essence.

FEI offers a portfolio of network synchronization products—all software manageable, precisely accurate, reliable, and durable. These systems have been evaluated, tested, and deployed by several of the largest telecom network operators in the world.