Supervision and monitoring

In airport infrastructure, the supply of electric power requires a high degree of availability. No-Breaks, UPS, redundant rings, … are deployed throughout the site to reach this goal.

This added complexity means an increase in maintenance tasks, with quantity of information to process and actions to perform on a day-to-day basis. For example, technical alarms, status of equipments, network grid configuration, breakers position, energy  and currents flows,… are all relevant information that must be processed in real-time. The role of a SCADA system is to collect the information on the field and to aggregate them in a central supervision system.

The supervision tool must be able to perform automatic monitoring, reacts to system incidents, either automatically, either alerts the maintenance staff, helping them to resolve the problem within minutes.

USC3000 and USC3003 are remote terminal equipments with discrete inputs, outputs and fieldbus whose mission is to aggregate and report field information. Their modular format make them an ideal and scalable solution to meet the needs of the varying configurations.

SCADA solutions enable the driving of large industrial infrastructure with complex interactions. It offers a real-time synthetic view of the system, collecting information coming from different equipments using varying methods of communication. When incident occurs, faults and misfunctions are highlighted so the maintenance staff can keep focused on the task with no tedious search. Comprehensive logging of events and energy flows eases post-incident analysis.