Nowadays, ensuring a safe and reliable passengers flow is one of the priorities of the airport operators.

Escalators, passengers’ information displays, security access, cameras, fire alarms are all equipments whose malfunction can lead to passengers inconvenience and traffic slowdown.

USC3000 remote terminal units provide a scalable solution to collect data, measurements and also send commands to infrastructure equipments. The information is concentrated in a building management centre giving operators a global view of the infrastructure’s health status, helping them taking the appropriate corrective action to re-establish the nominal situation in the shortest time.

The collection of traffic information and the command of signalling devices ensure a fluid traffic, controlled from a central, remote centre.

USC3000 remote terminal units provide hard at work solutions with redundant power supply and redundant communication network with discrete inputs and outputs. Local automatisms as well as remote control from dispatching is implemented as needed to grant a reliable and secure traffic operation.