MV distribution smart monitoring and control

Renewable energy’s challenge and decentralized energy production induct new problems in power network stability. Intermittent and poorly predictable power sources must be absorbed by the network whilst traditional power plants must constantly adapt their production to keep nominal voltage to their contractual range.

GRTU-SG and GRTU-6K portofolio range proposed by Gillam taking into consideration this new problematic.

As a classical substation RTU, it is able to perform the monitoring and control operations. Furthermore, it is able to measure and keep records of the currents, voltage and power on the MV side (3 ways), but also on theLVside (1way).

An efficient and communicating fault detection is also of importance for the MV network. The MV network can be damaged for numerous external reasons. The detection of network damages and signalling to the control centre support the maintenance staff to locate the problem and allow a quick and efficient on-site intervention. The GRTU-SG can host up to 3 fault detection cards of different types, according to the type of neutral system. Resistive faults, like phase miss,… which are usually not seen by the classic amperemetric detection are also monitored by means of a specific method. The percentage of effectively detected network faults is then increased to a new level.