GRTU – Smart Grid


The GRTU-SG is a modular automate intended for supervision and control of medium and low voltage electrical networks (MV/LV).
This automate allows a complete supervision of a MV/LV distribution substation.
Its modular design offers you the possibility to adapt its functionality to each specific need of a distribution substation within a single and same enclosure.
The GRTU-SG brings new solutions to operators to improve the network’s energy efficiency and brings solutions to distributed power generation issue (Photovoltaic, wind power, …)
The GRTU-SG supports modern communication channels such as Ethernet, GPRS, …

  • MV cable failure detection
  • Current fault detection
  • Directional fault detection
  • Transformer overload detection
  • Uph and Iph measurement (LV side)
  • Power measurement (LV side)
  • Two temperature measurements
  • 1 UPS module
  • 16 digital inputs (16 DI)
  • 8 digital outputs (8 DO)
  • 1 spare slot
  • IEC 60870-5-104 compatible
  • Local HTTP connection
  • GSM/GPRS modem available
  • Electrical substations supervision
  • Aerial electrical network supervision
  • Supervision of underground compensated neutral electrical network
  • Supervision of underground impedent neutral electrical network
  • Alarms transmission to the dispatching
  • Power measurement