MGPS PRC source cost effective solution for Access Network.

The MGPS is intended to provide time based network with a reliable, durable and accurate Timing Signal Generator (TSG).

The MGPS is a microprocessor controlled TSG with powerful software management features enabling configuration flexibility from a simple array of standardized hardware modules. It is designed to distribute common clock references to all Network Elements (NE’s) requiring external timing for synchronization.

It has been designed to comply with all ETSI, TELCORDIA and ITU-T G.811 and G.812 international telecom recommendations.

The MGPS is supplied with one dedicated timing GPS receiver to provide Primary Reference Clock (PRC) capability.

From the output interfaces point of view, it provides 10 MHz, 1PPS, 2048 KHz-2048Kbits/s output timing sources.

The equipment can also be used as NTP/SNTP server stratum level 1.

  • Oscillator Quartz ST-3E
  • Web Interface Configuration and Management
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Optional NTP/SNTP Server
  • 3 x 2Mhz/2Mbps ; 1 x 10Mhz ; 1 x 1PPS
  • GPS Solution (PRC)
  • NTP Server