PicoSyncTM  -II – OEM GPS Time & Frequency Engine

The PicoSync II is a Time & Frequency module designed specifically for applications that require a high performance time and frequency system in a small and economical package.

With a design emphasis on synchronizing remote locations, the PicoSync is ideal for mobile communication network, broadcast and geo-location application technologies.

Output specifications :

1PPS, 50 Ohm, TTL level, BNC, 200 ms width, 20ns rise time

10 MHz Sine, 50 Ohm, 7.5 dBm

2.048 MHz, 75 Ohm, ITU-T G.703 §13

E1 (2.048 Mbit/s), 75 Ohm, ITU-T G.703 §9

Connectors :

BNC, 1.6/5.6, others on demand

Power Input Options :

12 VDC (11.4 to 12.5 VDC)

27 VDC (24 to 32 VDC)

48 VDC (18 to 72 VDC)

Wireless and wireline telecom sync requirements (T1 or E1 standards)

  • State and federal communications systems/simulcast
  • Test equipment and instruments
  • Specialized LAN and WAN sync requirements
  • Satellite ground station equipment
  • Power utility and public services
  • Location-based services and Emergency cell phone infrastructure