ATE : you request it, we build it !

GILLAM brings you an industrial solution answering to the conformity testing needs of your electronics assemblies.

GILLAM has +40 years of expertise in design, test and manufacture of electronics equipments. Our team of skilled engineers is composed of :

  • RF specialists
  • Electronics engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Embedded software engineers
  • Quality assurance manager

For the definition of the product industrialisation, our company relies on :

  • 3D CAD engineers
  • PCB CAD engineers
  • Engineering files & ERP

For the manufacturing, GILLAM has in-house facilities:

  • PCB assembly line
  • Hardware workshop
  • Cabling factory
  • Test and commissioning platforms

Choosing GILLAM as partner of confidence for the test phase of your projects will ensure you:

  • to get high confidence in the quality of the deliverables
  • to respect your programme schedule
  • cost-reduction on the overall project
  • “à la carte” service
RFOscillators and stabilityPower suppliesCommunicationEnvironmental
Gain-accuracy / linearity / stability / in-band / out-of-band rejectionAccuracyInput rangeBERControl of vacuum/climatic chamber
Group delayLong-term stabilityOutput loadProtocol testing
Noise figureAllan deviationOvercurrent limitationTelemetry
Isolation between outputsTIEShort-circuit withstand
Return lossDips/cuts
Noise powerHarmonics
Load share
To learn more, just download the dedicated ATE Leaflet.