The US5G (also called US5Ga) was designed to fulfill the particular needs of Telecom operators of the US market (many CC/DS1 outputs with a complete redundancy of all elements all along the synchronization link (from inputs/GNSS to outputs and power supplies).

The US5G is intended to provide telecom network operators a reliable, durable and accurate Timing Signal Generator (TSG) as defined in Telcordia GR-1244 and GR-378-CORE. The US5G is intended to function as a BITS (Building Integrated Timing
Supply) system for central office (CO), end office,customer premises equipment (CPE).

The US5G is a microprocessor controlled TSG with powerful software management features enabling configuration flexibility from a simple array of standardized hardware modules. It has been designed and tested in accordance with Telcordia standards GR-378-CORE and GR-1244-CORE and all applicable Generic Requirements relating to Telecom Equipment. Additionally, it is compliant with NEBS Level III requirements.

  • 160 Main Shelf outputs
  • 1440 Total Outputs
  • DS1-CC Combo O/P Modules
  • 10 inputs capacity
  • Input Performance Monitoring
  • Internal GPS (Option)
  • Fast, Easy System Installation & Provisioning
  • Quartz or Rubidium oscillator
  • Integrated or externalized GPS receiver with Glonass additional option
  • Total Software (local and remote) Management
  • SSU / SDU / PRC (GPS) All-In-One Solution
  • TDM/SDH Synchronization for Telecom operators
  • Packet Networks synchronization (NTP/SNTP, PTP IEEE1588v2)