US5Gm is the new smart Synchronization Supply Units (SSU) optimized for mid-range networks. It is based on the US5G technology. Available Interfaces have been sized to meet network operator needs without limitation on the performance, capability and reliability of the solution.

The US5Gm is a full-featured Timing Signal Generator (TSG) intended to supply timing distribution to network elements. It is designed to function as a Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU) / Building Integrated Timing Supply (BITS) or Synchronization Distribution Unit (SDU) for common clock distribution to all Network Elements (NE’s) requiring external timing for synchronization.

It has been designed to comply with all ITU-T recommendations, ETSI standards and Telcordia Generic Requirement (GR) network synchronization equipment standards and to the Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) network operations common practices. These include but are not limited to: : ITU-T G.811 (GPS ref.) , ITU-T G.812, ITU-T G.813, ETSI 300 462-3/4/5/6(GPS ref.), GR-1244-CORE, GR-378-CORE, GR-436-CORE, GR-474-CORE, GR-833-CORE, GR-1093-CORE, and GR-2830-CORE (GPS ref.). It can be equipped or configured to accept multiple timing reference signals of various formats and sources. It can accommodate up to 5 external timing references and allows them to be prioritized as the user desires.

US5Gm block diagram
  • SSU / SDU / PRC (GPS) All-In-One Solution
  • TDM/SDH Synchronization for Telecom operators
  • Packet Networks synchronization (NTP/SNTP, PTP IEEE1588v2)