USC-P is a modular Programmable Logic Controller with integrated DC protection relay. USC-P is the 3rd generation of GILLAM protection relays product range featuring IEC 61131-3 PLC, IEC 61850  communication and touchscreen display.

The USC-P is the privileged choice for All-In-One supervision, automation and protection of DC traction cubicles.

Taking heritage from its GILLAM predecessors, The USC-P protection relay is designed to offer a complete and modern protection for DC metro and railways feeders, with simplicity of use always in our designer’s mind. USC-P is connected to isolated transducers to monitor the feeder’s currents and voltages. A large panel of customizable algorithms allows exhaustive detection of different types of line faults.

Alarms, history and detailed fault records provide in-depth view of events that occur on the line.

Mechanical Enclosure19’’ racks (16 slots) / ½ 19’’ racks (8 slots)
Power supply48 VDC or 110 VDC Redundancy (option) Auxiliary supply for sensors 2 kVrms isolation
CPUArm9 – 456MHz / 32 bits 128MB RAM / 64MB FLASH Linux embedded (kernel >3.4)
Network protocolsDHCP Client and Server NTP Client and Server HTTP / HTTPS Web server SSH Server for encryption tunnel TLS1.2 | AES256 CBC | SHA256 | DHE RSA SFTP Server
PLC DI/DOOptional 12DI and 8DO cards IEC61131-3 PLC 1ms timestamping 3.7 kVrms isolation (input) 5.0 kVrms isolation (output) 48 or 110 VDC inputs
Ports3 ethernet ports / 1 USB port / 1 RS485

USC-P was conceived to be the privileged choice for All-In-One supervision, automation and  protection of DC traction cubicles.

USC-P Leaflet (En)