LYNX for transport

LYNX for Transport is a SCADA application manufactured by Gillam, that delivers real-time visibility, monitoring and control over industrial systems and processes.

LYNX for Transport contains specific functionalities to provide a dedicated solution to the unique needs of the transport infrastructures

  • Multi-techniques supervision (electricity, lighting, industrial process, …) provides technique-oriented management tools.
  • Network Management: interactive geographical maps of networks (countries down to buildings) with topological and GIS information.
  • Management of equipments manufactured by Gillam as well as third party devices.
  • Detailedgraphical views of managed equipments with dynamic information.
  • Extensive Fault management with comprehensive filtering and alarm prioritisation.
  • Modular and evolving architecture
  • Traction power network management
  • Business oriented displays
  • Power and energy management
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Communication network monitoring
  • Alarms management and data login
  • Maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of transport infrastructures remote control
LYNX for transport Leaflet (En)