US5Ge Not Protected Outputs

General description

The not protected US5Ge is a modular system consisting of a rack mounted chassis containing plug-in modules.  The chassis is designed to be installed in a 19, 23 inches or ETSI telecom rack bay.  All system connections are made on the front panel.

Input connections can be made two ways:

– Either directly by means of a DB25 connector; this method can be used only for symmetrical inputs 100 OR 120 ohm;

– Or via connection panels of type DB9, wire wrap, BNC, 1.6/5.6, BT43, etc …

Output connections are made via connection panels of type DB9, wire wrap, BNC, 1.6/5.6, BT43, etc…

Module access for service/replacement is performed from the front of the shelf using “quick release” locking fasteners.  The fixed arrangement of modules at the front of the shelf shown in Fig. 2.1 proceeds from left to right as follows:

– 8 Output Module

– 2 IOP Modules

– 1 Comm Module

– 2 Power Supply Modules arranged one over the other

In this not protected configuration (in the meaning 1+1 protection), output cards are not redundant. Each NE should then be connected to two outputs coming from two different cards.

These configurations are preferred when  the number of outputs and/or the distance between the SSU and the NE is not too important.

This configuration, without frequency feedback, is also called English (UK) configuration.

US5Ge not protected block diagram
US5Ge not protected front panel