The USC3000 units allow for realizing the supervision, control and automation of industrial process, distributed control system such as public utilities networks. The USC3000 functions, usually acquisition of states, alarms and measurements and sending of commands and settings are enhanced by functions like chronological events recording, automated regulation process and command sequences. Different transmission interfaces to the management center are offered to provide a fast and secure communication.

The USC-3000’s are Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) dedicated to the remote control of industrial processes.

The USC-3000’s  are designed around a powerful main CPU card driving a set of Input/Output cards.

The system is modular. It is offered in 19’’ or half 19’’ chassis with a height of 5 DIN Units.

In the basic 19” rack configuration, the maximum number of points handled is 224 (DI’s only). The average capacity depends on the relative quantities of I/O types required. For instance, a single rack can accommodate an average mix such as 128 simple DI’s, 32 simple DO’s and 16 AI’s, yielding a total of 176 points.

For more demanding requirements, the basic one rack configuration can be extended significantly by chaining a number of identical racks, in a parent/child configuration.

Mechanical Enclosure19’’ racks (16 slots) / ½ 19 ‘’ racks (8 slots)
Power supply48 VDC / 110 VDC / 230 VAC
CPU2 ethernet ports / 4 serial ports
Communication protocolsIEC101 IEC104 communication / IEC103 CEI870 JBUS MODBUS
Input / Outputs 16 inputs cards (24/48/110 VDC) / 8 Self monitored digital inputs / 8 Output cards / 8 Analog inputs (4…20 mA)
  • Industrial process control
  • Information collection
  • Local automatisms
  • Remote supervision terminal unit