Gigasync is our SyncE/TDM bridging solution

The GIGASYNC allows the insertion AND extraction of a precise timing signal into a Gigabit Ethernet data link. Timing is transported in the data stream and transparent to packet traffic, allowing a high quality timing reference to be sent via Ethernet for use as a timing reference at the destination. This technology and process is patented by FTR&D.

Since timing is transported in the physical layer, the quality of the timing reference is equivalent to timing transported in SDH. Timing transport is not affected by variations in the data load or any factors related to network topology. The recovered timing is compliant with ITU-T G.823 (03/2000) section 6.1 for jitter and section 6.2.3 for wander.

  • 48 VDC or 110/220 VAC Power Supply
  • TDM Synchronization Inputs/outputs:
    • 2 Mhz (BNC 75R, RJ45 120R, SUBD9 120R)
    • 2 Mbps (BNC 75R, RJ45 120R, SUBD9 120R)
    • 1,544 Mbps (RJ45 100R, SUBD9 100R)
  • Gb Ethernet (for input and output packet links) SFP compatibles

Synchronous Ethernet bridging:

  • UMTS Node B synchronization.
  • TDM circuit emulation over GbE.