This particular UNISYNC model has particularities appreciated by the European market where it is intended to be used. On this 3U configuration, connections are made on the backplane facing the operator.

UNISYNCe is designed to operate as a mini Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU/BITS) for common clock distribution to all Network Elements (NE’s) requiring external timing reference source.

It has been designed to comply with all ETSI, Telcordia and ITU-T G.811 and G.812 international telecom recommendations. It is based on a high performance GPS timing receiver and it can be equipped with additional reference input modules to accept two timing reference signals of various formats and sources. It can accommodate up to 12 output timing sources (two in the basic configuration).

The equipment can be also used for computer time synchronization, thanks to its NTP / SNTP server stratum level 1. “Time of day”, IRIG (A or B) and STANAG 4430 (HaveQuick) interfaces are also available (IRIG and STANAG interfaces require an optional plugin module).

An optional GLONASS + GPS solution is also available (16 channels receiver). This one uses GLONASS and GPS satellites constellation in an integrated way, where all visible satellites belonging to both constellation are used simultaneously to improve clock performance.

unisynce 1u front panel schematics
unisynce 3u with FFM panel schematics
  • Front Connexion panel (bi-impedance 75/120R), 3U
  • Quartz or Rubidium oscillator
  • Integrated or externalized GPS receiver
  • From 0 to 2 inputs, configurable E1, 2Mhz, DS1 (EF or ESF), CC, 1, 5, 10 Mhz
  • From 2 to 12 outputs, configurable E1, 2MHz
  • 2 auxiliary outputs settable 1, 5,  10Mhz
  • 1 PPS output
  • 1 TOD with PPS output
  • NTP/SNTP Server Stratum Level 1 capability
  • SSM, LOS, AIS, OOF, and BPV support
  • Total Software (local and remote) Management
  • Optional IRIG A/B
  • GPS Solution
  • Standalone Mini-SSU for remote or small offices
  • NTP/SNTP Server