In its fields of activity, GILLAM is among the reference companies thanks to a group of highly-qualified engineers and technicians. GILLAM has been officially assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of the quality international standards ISO9001:2015 and EN/AS 9100. These labels cover the quality expertise of Gillam in the area of design, development and production of electronic products (both hardware and software).

The design quality is the result of a very dynamic research and development policy: 20% of the turnover is dedicated to it. Moreover, this research is conducted in collaboration with different European universities.

GILLAM skills are developed in the following high-tech fields:

Synchronization of transmission networks

Further to its experience dating back to the beginning of the 90s, GILLAM offers to its customers a wide range of products and services for the synchronization of telecommunications networks.

This portfolio includes turnkey solutions compatible with the latest ETSI and ITU-T standards.

With the ever-increasing requirements in terms of quality service, needed by network operators for their customers, synchronization is the best warranty for a total quality service in high speed digital transmission.

Remote control

The applications developed by GILLAM in the field of remote control offer very competitive advantages, result of more than 20 years of developments.

The main element of this type of applications is the LYNX, a software product dealing with the supervision and control of equipments from acquisition modules, developed by GILLAM.  LYNX allows acquisition of data, their treatment (including the analysis of phenomena affecting the network and data archiving) and their exploitation.

Hardware and software used configurations allow to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of reliability and user interface.

Those quality criteria allow the implementation of the system in the most hostile environments, on every type of means of transmission, with an outstanding user-friendliness. The LYNX software product has been implemented to our customers’ greatest satisfaction in such diversified sectors as:

–                     remote control of the production and distribution networks of water, gas and electricity ;

–                     remote control of data transmission network ;

–                     remote control of infrastructures for public transport networks and airports ;

Mechanical materials

The company has developed together with other companies, electro-mechanical systems (cables, several mechanical, mechanical steel pieces, racks, …) dedicated for its own manufacturing as well as for the one of its principal customers).

Staff and infrastructure capacity

GILLAM designs, manufactures, installs and achieves the maintenance of its products.

The company is made up with a total of 60 people including about twenty design engineers mastering electronic and telecommunications techniques in general.

These are:

  • engineers specialized in the development of remote control and automatic device software
  • engineers specialized in transmission techniques
  • engineers specialized in firmware development
  • engineers specialized in hardware architecture design
  • engineers specialized in mechanical sets
  • manufacturing technicians as well as a department for realizing the installation and maintenance of the equipments

Technical Infrastructure

Faced with an active competition on national and international markets, GILLAM’s keys for success rely in the complete satisfaction of its customers and its flexibility.

The managing staff of the company has set up a « Quality » department in order to provide its customers with irreproachable products and services; GILLAM has got the AQAP-110 certification, including the ISO-9001, in 1990 and renewed in 2002.