DC traction network protection

The traction power network needs specific surveillance. Catenary breakdown leads to hazardous situation, so effective fault detection is of prime importance. As an example, a broken catenary at the end of the line can draw less current than a traction engine, giving as a result that classic amperemetric protection are inoperant; the short-circuit being thus not detected. On the other hand, it is not desirable to trip upon usual traction engine current draw, as the service is interrupted during the breaker tripping.

RL-PROTECT provide the appropriate solution for overhead monitoring. Thanks to 30 year proof detection algorithms combined with efficient harmonic rejection, it allows precise discrimination between short-circuit and nominal traction current.

A rapid breaker-failure detection is also desirable. When the breaker fails to open, a backup action should consist in tripping the upstream or downstream breaker. The RL-PROTECT quickly detects this situation and triggers a protection report output.

Thermal image computation of the feeder cable avoids running out of the isolation plastics temperature range.

An optional catenary voltage monitoring allows associated automatisms and protections.