US5Gx PTP Card

The Card that adds PTP server functionality to the SSUs of the US5G Family (US5G, US5Ge, US5Gm) – the PTP card exists in protected and not protected versions.

The US5Gx PTP Card enables to add the PTP functionality to any unit of the US5G Family. It exists in protected version for US5Ga, US5Gm & US5Ge US configurations and in not protected version for US5Ge UK & US5Ge FR configurations.

The US5Gx PTP redundant card is designed to be a very stable Grandmaster clock. It can synchronize with the IEEE-1588 (1588-2008 also known as PTPv2) protocol the real-time clocks in the nodes of a distributed system that communicates using a network.

The US5G PTP redundant card is fully integrated in the US5G(e) system. One or several cards can be plugged into the US5G main shelf. Each card occupies one POUT slot (Protected Out-puts) of a shelf. Two cards can be installed in a POUT slots pair to perform as a protected pair. In this case, if the active card fails, its sister card takes the PTP interface control in a transparent way to the network. One or several pairs of cards can also be plugged into a US5G expansion shelf.

The card is based on a powerful CPU with dedicated Gigabit Ethernet LAN controller and large FPGA device for on the fly PTP packets time stamping at Gigabit speed. PTP timestamps clock is derived from the high stability US5G-US5Gelocal clocks (Rubidium or OCXO quartz). UTC time and PPS synchronization are routed either from IOP1 and/or IOP2 through the backplane if the US5Gx is equipped with a GPS receiver or from the card’s TOD interface which can be directly connected to a UNI-SYNC TOD port.

The PTP interface utilizes Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) modules to support Gigabit optical interface on the front face. PTP card(s) provisioning and monitoring are under control of the US5G-US5Ge COM management card and thus separated from the PTP dedicated Ethernet interface. A set of front face LED’s allow to quickly monitor the activity.

  • Support of IEEE 1588 protocol in version 2 (1588-2008 also known as PTPv2) on Ethernet (UDP/IP)
  • One Gigabit Ethernet optical interface : SFP module(MSA compliant) selected by user accessible from the front face of the card
  • Integrated hardware PTP messages detectors and timestamps unit (PTP hardware assistance)
  • Behaves as one IEEE 1588 Grandmaster clock on its Gibabit Ethernet optical network interface
  • One-step clock configuration
  • Unicast or multicast IEEE 1588 support
  • IPv4 support (IPv6 in a future release)
  • Unicast sessions negotiation
  • Two cards in a pair of protected slots act as redundant PTP ports with automatic switch over from one to the other in case of failure
  • PTP timescale distribution (TAI time)
  • Auto-provisioning of the card during installation and initialization
  • TL1 remote management of the card via the COM card
  • TOD interface for UTC reference in absence of integrated GPS receiver (US5GA, expansion shelves)

Packet Networks Synchronization (PTP IEEE1588v2)