Versatile SCADA solution for infrastructure management

LYNX Element Manager models UB equipments manufactured by GILLAM-FEi to perform easy and effective remote supervision operations.

Thanks to its modular client/server architecture and its evolutionary Open-Source SQL database, a LYNX system can be easily upgraded to account for network evolution and manage new generations of equipments.

Inherited from our LYNX software suite, the LYNX UB Element Manager is tailored to the specific needs of Building Alarms Management. Multi-platform clients including Windows™, Linux and WEB browsers.

As an open and modular system, including OPC connectivity, Sync Manager can monitor and remote-control third party network elements with adequate drivers, providing a seamless and integrated fault management.

LYNX can be configured in hot-standby mode with redundant servers and redundant LAN.

  • Modular and evolving architecture
  • Integrated Infrastructure management
  • Data Model & Automated provisioning
  • Fault Management
  • Security Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tailored to the specific needs of Building Alarms Management
  • Up to 2000 Network Elements
LYNX Element Manager for UB Leaflet (En)