The future Gillam-FEi’s new generation clock, the US5G Edge, will encapsulate all the generic functions of SSU, PRTC, packet master/T-GM and NTP server, based on the GILLAM-FEi US5G technology.

When considering phase/time distribution, the clock can be located at different positions, depending on the overall architecture that the telecom operator wants to follow:

– At a centralized position in the core network (co-located or not with PRC).

– In an aggregation site to deliver the time synchronization all along the backhaul network, down to the end application.

– At the edge of the network (i.e., cell site).

Deploying clock to the end application simplifies the calibration of the links asymmetry.


The clock is modular and can be equipped as requested by a telecom operator to fulfill his needs.


  • GNSS inputs (with or without Antenna Converter)
  • E1/T1 frequency inputs
  • SyncE frequency inputs
  • Frequency Feedback Monitoring cards
  • E1/2.048 MHz output cards
  • DS1/CC output cards
  • SyncE/IEEE1588 PTP output cards
  • NTP Client/Server cards
  • Phase/time distribution interface
  • Fast, easy system installation & provisioning

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