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USC is a modular Remote Terminal Unit with Programmable Logic Controller designed for power grid automation. USC offers highly flexible communication gateway to interoperate easily with your various substation fieldbus IED. Soft PLC allows programmable automation of local I/O and remote fieldbus information. USC supports flexible, redundant communication to your SCADA. You can also take advantage of the USC local computation ability and measurement archiving before transmitting your realtime data.

USC built-in cyber resilience is designed to keep your critical application safe of cybersecurity concerns.

The USC is specifically designed for power grid automation.

Embedded WEB server and optional touchscreen provide intuitive maintenance information.

Consultation of measurement archives through integrated graph analyzer tool.

The system is modular. It is offered in 19’’ or half 19’’ chassis.

Mechanical Enclosure19’’ racks (16 slots) / ½ 19’’ racks (8 slots)
Power supply48 VDC or 110 VDC
  • Arm9 – 456MHz / 32 bits
  • 128MB RAM / 64MB FLASH
  • Linux embedded (kernel >3.4)
Communication protocols
  • IEC60870-5-101 Master & Slave
  • IEC60870-5-104 Client & Server
  • IEC61850 Client, Server & Goose (v2)
Input / Outputs16 inputs cards (24/48/110 VDC) / 8 Self monitored digital inputs / 8 Output cards / 8 Analog inputs (4…20 mA)
Ports3 ethernet ports / 1 USB port / 1 RS485

USC is able to interoperate with other fieldbus communicating devices. USC provides a large panel of Northbound protocols (i.e. to SCADA) as well as Southbound protocols (i.e. to IED, fault indicator, protection relay, power meter, PLC, … ).