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The Gillam Network Clock Distribution (GNCD) is a small synchronization distribution unit, easy to configure and to use. For E1 links.

The GNCD aims at amplifying and distributing a 2,048MHz or 2,048Mbit/s external synchronisation reference signal.

Its input interface complies with the two following recommendations:

·  For the 2,048MHz : G703 § 10 75 ohms or high impedance
·  For the 2,048Mbit/s : G703 § 6 75 ohms or high impedance

Each input A and B can accept 2MHz or 2Mbit/s input signals.

Outputs can be configured according to one of both following types:
·  2,048MHz G703 § 10 option 75 ohms.
·  2,048Mbit/s G703 § 6 option 75 ohms.

The output type is chosen by the operator with a configuration DIP switch located on each amplification card.

Outputs are valid according to the selected input type in the following way:

GNCD inputs-outputs configuration
GNCD inputs-outputs configuration
GNCD block diagram

GNCD block diagram

GNCD mechanics

GNCD mechanics

ETSI, 19″ & 23″ racks main and expansion shelves

Output interfaces :
– 10 x 8 port cards
– 80 x 2048 kHz or E1

Input interfaces : 2 x E1 / 2048 kHz

Management :
– Front LEDs
– Alarm relays

Remote management :
– Ethernet 10 baseT through external accessory

– Frequency Distribution (TDM networks, E1)